So after much fuss and much confusion, I finally got my sleep study ordered. Apparently my insurance requires that a “Sleep Specialist” order the Sleep Study, so I had to make two appointments, one to go in and see a Sleep Specialist which I’m gonna do on the 4th, and then he will order the Sleep Study.

I’ve had sleep studies before, so I know what they are like. You go in and they glue a bunch of wires to your head and face, put an EKG on you, put a thing on your finger that test your O2 saturations, and attach wires to your legs so they can tell how often you move. Then with all these wires on you are supposed to go to sleep so that they can study how many times you stop breathing, wake up choking and all that good stuff.

Getting this sleep study was a nightmare though I tell you. Since I already have sleep apnea and we know that, there was no need to order a full sleep study, only a sleep study titration, which means they don’t have to prove I have sleep apnea, they only have to test how bad it is to make sure that my CPAP is working and that the air pressures are set right. Since my last sleep study was about 4 years ago, and I currently weight about 60lbs more than I did when they did that study, there is plenty of reasons for my insurance, who won’t cover anything that has to be done pre operative, to cover this. So we asked my Primary Care Physician to order the test.

Once that was done I was referred to two different sleep study centers, both of which were telling me they were booked out till September or October. Oh hell no. I am NOT waiting till October to get this sleep study when it is one of the last things I have to do to mark off all the boxes on my pre-operative work up list. So screw the referrals, I decided I would find a sleep center on my own. Armed with Google I found Northwest Primary Care and their Sleep Health Center in Clackamas Oregon. I called and low and behold they had an appointment the following week. Booked till October my plump butt!

So I have that appointment on the 4th, my last Physiologist appointment on the 9th and my one month follow up after being on this pre-operative diet for a month on the 9th as well, busy! Busy! Busy! My blood sugars are still doing totally awesome! I’ll post some more recent numbers soon for those interested.