I went in yesterday for the Sleep Study that I have to do pre-op. Now I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea for about 10 years. I was first diagnosed back in my early 20s the first time my weight hit 350lbs. Later when I lost all that weight when I first met Jason, and I was back down to about 225lbs again I was able to stop using the CPAP Machine and just go back to sleeping normally, which I must say made for much better cuddling. After I had my hysterectomy and once I started putting my weight back on again, it wasn’t long before Jason started hearing the telltale signs of sleep apnea. My snoring got out of control and he started to become concerned about the fact that I seemed to stop breathing in my sleep. Once again I ended up back on a CPAP Machine.

I will say that I am pretty religion about sleeping with my CPAP Machine, I can easily tell the difference in the quality of my sleep when I don’t use one.

The Sleep Study is much the same as it was the first time I did it years ago. You go into what is very similar to a hotel room environment, they put a ton of wires on you, I mean a TON, and they monitor everything. There is an EKG on you, there are electrodes that monitor your chin movements, eye movements, which can tell when your eyes are open or closed and ones that can tell which way you are moving your eyes. They have wires that monitor the rise and fall of your chest. They have wires that monitor the movement of your legs. There is an oxygen sensor to monitor your o2 saturation, and of course there are all sorts of electrodes stuck all about your scalp that monitor all sorts of stuff. It takes a bit to get through all that and actually get to sleep; it’s not easy sleeping while you are in medical wire bondage.

You sleep for about 6-7 hours, while they continue to raise the pressure on the CPAP Machine to get it to where you need it to be to stop Sleep Apnea episodes. Since for me this was just a Sleep Titration, meaning that they were just making sure the pressures where set right, they didn’t have to spend the first part of the night actually proving that I had Sleep Apnea by  letting me go into Apnea episodes to see how often it happened.

I had to be there at 9:30pm I think I was able to go to sleep by about 10:30 or pretty close to that, and then they woke me up at about 6:30 and sent me home. All it all it was pretty standard if you know what to expect from a sleep study.

Alright time to start working on this 4lbs that I need to lose and get my ass into the Gym. Speaking of which, a lot of people have been asking me about what I’m doing for exercise so I will write a bit about that next week.