Okay I’m dying to tell you guys about my day. As I write this blog I’m eating my “reward” dinner, because after what I accomplished today and how good I feel, I totally deserved.  So first let me tell you about my yummy reward dinner then I’ll tell you what I did to earn it!

I went to Lamb’s Thriftway today, one of my favorite local stores, they are definitely a more high end store, right up there with Whole Foods and Hagen’s, not your typical Albertsons or Safeway, before my surgery I could hardly afford to shop there, but now that things last a lot longer I’m alright with spending a bit extra to get the things I want.

Today I went in to pick up a plant of sushi, I normally get the Sushi Nori, pick off the six pieces of meat and discard all the rice and it usually costs $9.99, today I had my Sushi Nori in hand and wandered over to the seafood section and low and behold before my eyes, was sushi grade tuna for $19.99 a pound. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out I got a lot more bang for my buck this way, and the tuna is always my favorite anyhow. They also had Dungeness crab for $4.95 a pound so I decided to pick one of those up to go along with it. I grabbed two little containers of pickled ginger for $.99 and a little container of Wasabi for $.99 and came home, shelled my crab, cut my tuna, portioned it out and made myself a wonder sushi reward dinner. With leftovers to make the same lovely dinner three more times and still more left over crab that I’ll need to find something to do with! Here’s a picture of my yummy reward dinner!

I know that looks like a lot of food! It’s about 2.5oz of Tuna and about 1.5oz of crab for a total of 4oz of meat. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to eat it all, but it seemed like a good portion size when I was cutting. I maybe could have turned this into five means instead of four; I might do that next time. The entire thing cost me $19.86 and at four meals that’s under $5 a meal for crazy yummy sushi. Tom would be so proud of my thriftiness and so jealous of my food right now! My plate right here is rockin’ 195 Calories 12g Carbs 2g Fat & 30g Protein – Healthy and DELICIOUS! This makes my little Diva of a tummy VERY HAPPY, Princess Tum Tum is excited!

Okay so now what I did to earn this reward! (Like I needed an excuse to eat this good right?) So a couple of weeks ago I started adding the elliptical to my work out. I started out slow, at first just 5 minutes a day, then 10 and pretty soon I was up to 15 minutes; I just kept going as far as I felt I could on the elliptical and then finishing off my 3 miles a day on the treadmill. Pretty soon I was up to 30 minutes on the elliptical for a total of 2miles and then decided to add an extra mile and was walking on the treadmill for another 40 minutes to get 4 miles total.  I was pretty proud of this workout. 4 miles a day and 30 minutes on the elliptical is nothing to snub your nose at!

So today I get on the elliptical and I do my normal thing, just hit quick start and go, let my legs set the pace. After about 10 minutes I started looking at the program options on the machine, I’ve never used a program option before, so I had no idea what to expect but I thought, well I’ll give it a try for the last 15 minutes and see what it’s like, if it’s too hard I can always stop and finish normally. So I changed it to the “Weight Loss” program which was #8 and good grief it was HARD! But it was hard in a good way, a way that made you feel like you were being challenged, and it made me sweat! Boy did it make me sweat! I did my last 15 minute and the program told me that it was 50{6e74c841b8f362d8aea590534016dc569fd3035eeb9e530df8846b42682c6656} complete, so I thought to myself, I wonder if I can finish this program? And I did! 45 minutes on the Elliptical! A total of 3.28 miles! That was 45 min + a 3min cool down. I took a picture of the monitor when the program and cool down ended just to archive my milestone!

When I was done on the Elliptical I hoped over to the Treadmill to finish up that last mile of my 4 miles, and I was feeling good so I decided to do a whole mile. Remember that 20 minute mile I was chasing a couple weeks ago. I owned it! Yes I did my mile today… 19 minutes! My total time on the tread mile 25min and 1.22 miles that’s a grand total of 4.5 miles today!!! I’m sooooOOO proud of myself! 45 minutes on the Elliptical! A 19 minute mile! AND the farthest I’ve gone in a day today 4.5 miles!

I’m doing this right now \O/ those of you that know me know there is a “Yaaaaaaaaay” sound that goes with it!