Wow so much information to share in the last few days I don’t even know where to begin… oh wait yes I do, do you see the new little skinner fatty icon at the beginning of this post? It’s gotten smaller in celebration of another big milestone for me, THE CENTURY CLUB! That’s right it’s Official 100lbs gone! I’ve actually lost more than 100lbs because I know that before I went to the seminar in June the scale couldn’t even weight me, so I was well over 400lbs, but I use the starting weight of the day I walked in the clinic as my starting point, so now it’s official. 100lbs… I’ve joined the Century Club, and I like it. I’ll be back for another membership next year!

So it’s tradition in our house to open presents on Christmas Eve and then do Christmas stockings over coffee on Christmas morning. That tradition came from Jason and I getting married on Christmas Eve and deciding to stay up late opening the presents so we didn’t have to get out of bed and have people coming over the next morning. It just sort of stuck and ever since we’ve done presents on Christmas Eve, of course we do them earlier and earlier every year, this year we opened presents in the afternoon!

A lot of my presents this year were centered on Weight Loss Surgery, exercise, and my new healthy lifestyle, which was exactly what I wanted! I got a new Under Armour gym back to replace the HUGE and horribly awkward big Nike duffle that I had and a new Nike swim bag to hold my wet stuff in after going to the pool. My two Favorite presents though, were my Cuisinart Perfect Temp Porcelain Tea Kettle and my Speedo AquaBeat Special Edition LZR Racer 2GB MP3 Player that can go in the pool and under water with me.

The Cuisinart Perfect Temp Tea Kettle lets you heat water to just the right temperature for the type of   tea that you are making.  Since we all know what a tea snob I am and how much I have become dependent on tea since my surgery this was the perfect gift!

I had this huge Nike gym bag that I was lugging back and forth to the gym every night and it was kinda ridiculous. This year I got this nice and much smaller Under Armour® bag. I love it a folded beach towel fits in it PERFECTLY! It’s just the right size!

I was so excited about this present that I tried to go to the gym and go swimming on Christmas Eve just to use it, but 24 Hour Fitness was closed! Can you believe that! Pfft! With a name like 24 Hour Fitness you expect them to be open on Christmas Eve but noooOOOooo.

I also got a mini muffin pan for Christmas which made me able to try out some of the great recipes from Shelly over at The World According to Egg Face! I made up some of her 12 days of Chocolate Muffins and some of her Sausage Pancake Bites I got a little carried away, having so much fun in the kitchen and made some of the Bacon Pancake Bites too! When I was done with that I made some of her Breakfast Bites too!

I used spicy chicken sausage in my Sausage Pancake Bites & Egg Beaters instead of real eggs because they were lower in fat and calories and we don’t eat pork in our house, Jason hates the stuff and after living with Tom for several years I got used to not ever bringing pork into the house. Only exception is peperoni and now a days I even get the turkey version of that.

Here’s a picture of some of my bites as they were coming out of the oven.


They’ve lasted days, I made all this stuff on the 24th and I’ve had them for breakfast for the last 3days and still have quite a bit left. Easily 5-6 days of breakfast here! I should probably freeze some of the pancake bites before they  aren’t fresh enough to eat, but I think I’d rather just make only 1 batch next time. Gotta remember I can’t eat that much and even though It tried to trick Jason into eating them, he said “They kinda of taste like Pancakes” — NO! They are BREAKFAST MUFFINS! I tried to tell him. The Man hates pancakes, just no getting around it even when I try to be sneaky.

For Christmas Eve I made my Mother’s Pot Roast, which I believe was my Grandmother’s Pot Roast, but either way it’s delicious and it was what Jason requested. Of course I’ve changed the recipe a bit over the years. Now that I’ve had Gastric Bypass and need to stay away from the carbs I needed something to replace the potatoes so I’ve taken to putting large chunks of onion and large cloves of garlic in the crock pot that I can eat while everyone else is gnashing on the potatoes. This was my Xmas dinner plate this year.

We enjoyed dinner while watching the A-Team! Super cute movie! They did a really good job with it, I remember watching the A-Team TV show with my parents when I was a kid and the movie definitely went along with the TV show, it was great! All it all we had a super Christmas 2010 – I got my traditional pair of Christmas Pajamas and some super cute red white and black Hello Kitty slippers to match them and just spent the day enjoying Family and cooking. It was a good reminder to me that Weight Loss Surgery doesn’t have to change the things we normally enjoy, it only has to change how we do them. I was still able to cook and bake for the holidays, I just found healthier and pouch friendly selections.