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30 12, 2010

I’m Completely Normal

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At least that’s what my doctor tells me all my test results say. I’m not so sure about my normalcy, I somehow doubt that I am anything close to normal, who wants to be normal anyway right? Normal is boring.  Now my blood work on the other hand, is normal and this is amazing news! I figured I’d share this letter from my doctor with you all. “Dear Ms. Williams The results of your recent [...]

29 12, 2010

My Personal Trainer Says It won’t Always Hurt

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For the love of God I hope she is right, but it’s really not too bad, it really only hurts when I try to… you know… MOVE. My workout with Suzie was so much fun last night, it was hard, really hard, but I felt so accomplished afterwards and I felt good. I’m so dedicated to the exercise thing, really. I worked out with my Personal Trainer Suzie from 5-6pm then I was off to [...]

29 12, 2010

Xeniaks General Tso Chicken

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This Recipe came from my good friend Xeniak over at Thinner Times Thank you hun was a big hit at my house! Xeniak's General Tso Chicken Makes 8 – ½ Cup Servings of both Chicken & Riced Cauliflower Calories: 173 Fat: 7.5 Carbs: 7.5 Protein: 19 ( Add 18 Calories when using Riced Cauliflower ) Ingredients: 2lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ( 886 Calories ) 1 TBSP Olive Oil ( or Pam ) for skillet [...]

28 12, 2010

To Eat or Not to Eat

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To Eat or Not to Eat? Alright so there is something that I’m battling with, something I’m struggling to understand. I’m supposed to stop eating as soon as I feel “satisfied” – Satisfied that’s a great word. What makes me physically satisfied doesn’t necessarily coincide with what makes me emotionally satisfied. Now at first that sounds like I want to be an emotional eater and scarf down whatever makes me happy, that’s not the case. [...]

28 12, 2010

Crazy Co-Addictions

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Yes I have them. I have them bad. Lately I have been struggling HARD with the whole not smoking thing. I will admit that I broke down and had a cigarette. 8 months of not smoking and I was stupid and broke down and had one and ever since it’s CRAZY hard not to go back. I’ve been trying to find other things to keep my attention keep my focus and keep me busy. Yes [...]

27 12, 2010

Our First (Healthy) Christmas

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Wow so much information to share in the last few days I don’t even know where to begin… oh wait yes I do, do you see the new little skinner fatty icon at the beginning of this post? It’s gotten smaller in celebration of another big milestone for me, THE CENTURY CLUB! That’s right it’s Official 100lbs gone! I’ve actually lost more than 100lbs because I know that before I went to the seminar in [...]

23 12, 2010

A New Friend, a WLS Hero… Meet Steven!

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Since I’ve added someone new to my “Support System” Page I figured I’d share a little about them with you all. There are some people that change your life dramatically, some that impact your life in ways that they may not even ever truly realize and often times I believe that people come into your life for a reason, even if we don’t always figure that reason out, there usually is one. I’ve never been [...]

22 12, 2010

New Exercise Milestone and Sushi Reward Dinner

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Okay I’m dying to tell you guys about my day. As I write this blog I’m eating my “reward” dinner, because after what I accomplished today and how good I feel, I totally deserved.  So first let me tell you about my yummy reward dinner then I’ll tell you what I did to earn it! I went to Lamb’s Thriftway today, one of my favorite local stores, they are definitely a more high end store, [...]

21 12, 2010

Asiago & Pesto Fettuccine with Shirataki Noodles

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I was cooking up some of my Spicey Pesto Chicken Casserole today and decided to try out the Shirataki Noodles that I picked up at Market of Choice the other day with a little of the Pesto Sauce that I use to make the Casserole. Here's the recipe I used and a picture of how it looked before I fed it to my little Diva of a tummy! Asiago & Pesto Fettuccine with Shirataki Noodles [...]

21 12, 2010

My Weight Loss Surgery Wish List!

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Now that I'm starting my life after Weight Loss Surgery I'm finding that there are alot of things I want and need. A few of my friends and family asked me if  I had a list going yet, so I figured I'd put some stuff together. Of course this list is also here for Jason to go off of, cus he LOVES to spoil me. We're not going to talk about how much of his [...]